School Policies and Information

Teaching Year 2019 - 2020
To all our returning families and friends, we look forward to another amazing year together!

To all the new families joining us this year, we want to make sure your experience and journey with us is nothing short of amazing. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

So that we can work together, and to ensure that everyone finds the magic they're looking for, please take a few minutes to read these guidelines and policies.

Main Lobby

The main lobby is designed to be a gathering place for families to sit down and watch their children learn. Please feel free to look through the observation windows!

Students and caregivers are welcome to hang out in the lobby and chat, read a book, use the art supplies, play a game, or do their homework while they wait for their class to begin.

Younger brothers and sisters are also welcome to stay and play with their caregiver’s supervision. The books in the book-nook are part of our lending library. Feel free to bring a favorite home—just be sure to return it when you’re done!

We do ask that you refrain from bringing food into the lobby unless you are here for camp or you are attending more than one class in a row. If you happen to spill your food or drink, it is your responsibility to clean it up. Just tell a Sensei and we can give you the necessary cleaning supplies.

You may bring a water bottle to use during class, or you may use the water fountain. Please keep all water bottles in the main lobby, not in the stairwells, and check with your Sensei before you leave to get a drink.

Please do not bring any food or drink that contains nuts — of any kind at any time.


Common Areas

Our two common areas are designed for students and families to be able to sit and talk together before their classes begin. We kindly ask that you bear the following policies in mind to ensure that these areas stay clean, safe and comfortable for everyone.

Caregivers should feel free to watch the lesson so that they can help their child practice at home. You may observe class by looking through the observation windows, or by sitting quietly on the floor inside the dojo (on the mats).

We ask that you remove your shoes and refrain from using your cell phone (unless you are taking pictures or video of your student) if you choose to enter a dojo. While on the mats, we also ask that you keep conversations with other parents to a minimum or go outside the dojo if you’d like to chat. This way you do not interrupt the class in session.

Common Area Safety

Absolutely no rough play, running or yelling is allowed in the common areas of the school—especially in the stairwells and the upstairs lounge. Safety is of the utmost importance to us at all times, and any behavior by either adults or children that endangers another adult or child, or makes anyone feel uncomfortable will not be tolerated. Repeated disrespectful behavior or instance of very dangerous behavior may result in dismissal.

Upstairs Lounge

The upstairs lounge is another place that students and caregivers can use while waiting for classes to begin. Please put any shoes, jackets, backpacks or any other personal items in the cubbies so that the lounge area stays neat and tidy, and so that students know where their belongings are.

If you choose to hang out upstairs, please be mindful of the students who are taking class inside the dojo. Lower your voices accordingly.

You may bring a water bottle upstairs to use during class. Please keep all water bottles in the upstairs lounge and check with your Sensei before you leave to get a drink.



We have two changing/bathrooms located in the main lobby. We ask that all students please use the bathroom before the start of class so that they do not lose too much class time by leaving during instruction. If you need to use the bathroom during class your Sensei may ask you to wait a minute or two before you go if they are in the middle of explaining something, so that you know that to do when you get back. No student will be prohibited from using the bathroom, but please know that we are well aware of the avoidance tactic of suddenly having to go once we start exercises!


Classes and Cancellations

Class Schedule

Our scheduled class cancellation dates are listed on the enclosed calendar and at:

In the event of inclement weather you will be notified of cancellations and/or dismissal via e-mail.

We will also announce any cancellations or dismissals via social media on Facebook.

Please let us know if your address or email address has changed. You can also call the office for further information. Please review enclosed weekly class schedule, as well as the yearly cancellation dates.


We reserve the right to cancel or consolidate classes due to enrollment, and to ensure that students always have the best match of partners to practice with.


Drop Off & Pick Up

There are plenty of parking spaces located to the right of the front door. We ask that you pull into one of the spaces and walk young children into the dojo. Children who are 10 years old or older can walk into and exit the dojo without an adult.

All students must be matched with a caregiver before they leave the building. If you have an older student, it is fine to wave from your car. We must match each child visually with an adult before we can allow them to leave.

No one is permitted to pull in front of any door to drop off any child for any reason.

There are moving vehicles constantly entering and exiting the parking lot during drop off and pick up, and we simply cannot risk the safety of our students.


Attendance & Tardiness

Attendance Policy

Up to 3 missed classes can be made up until the end of the semester. Students can make up a class by attending another class of the same style and skill level. 

Regular attendance is extremely important for making progress in the martial arts. Please try not to miss class!

If you are injured, please come to class and observe. There’s still lots of value in the knowledge being presented in class, regardless of whether you can practice the movements or not. This is especially true because many concepts and techniques build on one another.

Excesses absences may result in the student being ineligible for advancement, as knowledge of concepts and techniques are both required to progress to their next rank.

If you or your child is going to be absent for their regularly scheduled class, please e-mail:

Tardiness Policy

We understand that life happens.

Please make every effort to get to class on time. Especially with children, arriving to class on time allows students sufficient time to switch gears, shift into their training routine, and prepare their uniforms and belts for class.

If you are arriving once class has already started, please put your shoes away and quietly bow into the classroom. Walk around the back of the classroom, and quietly take the next available spot in class. If you need a belt tied once you have taken your class spot, raise your hand and a Sensei come will over and assist.


Behavior & Etiquette

Proper behavior in the school, at home, or any classroom is imperative when learning the martial arts. Students should be respectful of their teacher, classmates, and family so that we can maintain a nurturing atmosphere that welcomes everyone to learning.

“Martial Arts are for Protecting”

Because we are learning the martial arts, it’s a grievous misuse of one’s knowledge and ability outside of any defensive or learning context. Students found to be using their martial arts training in an inappropriate or dangerous context will be disciplined, or dismissed from our program.

For children, practicing at home is allowed and expected, but parents can feel free to supervise and implement policies around practice as families need.



Refunds will be issued only due to a medical condition, or immediately after the first class of a session.

  • For summer semester, membership terms are month-to-month. So refunds will not be issued after the first week of classes for that month.
  • During the academic semester, memberships are offered on a 9-month term, running September through the end of May. Refunds will not be offered after the 16th of September.

Because we know students learn best in a small learning environment, class spots are limited. For this reason, all refunds will include a 15% processing fee for the class spot.

For students who enroll late in the semester their first year, tuition will be reduced proportionally against their regular 9-month tuition.

No refunds will be given on classes missed due to illness, school holidays, inclement weather or activities.