Ages 9+ Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Program

Come learn how to balance the two sides of your life force, what is known as "chi" energy.

Practicing Tai Chi is the perfect complement to a discipline of martial arts, bringing the body into balance and greater, more subtle awareness of the spatial and vibrational forces all around us. It's also a great way to infuse functionality and flexibility, lengthening and strengthening your muscles with simple but powerful movements in a graceful yet powerful "flow".

Tai Chi Chuan is a complete system of Chinese Kung Fu. It has a long documented history of almost 400 years and is now the most widely practiced martial art in the world. The theory it is based upon is thousands of years old.

We teach:

  • The Traditional Yang style long form
  • Toi Sao (two-person sensitivity exercises)
  • Sahn Sao (two-person self-defense fighting applications)
  • Meditative breathing exercises combined with Chinese Acupuncture Medical Theory for health and internal development
  • The Tai Chi Gim (double-edged sword), Tai Chi Do (Single Saber), and other weapons.