Ages 6-11 (Advanced)

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Kempo 3 Program

Light your inner fire! This is the home stretch, and also just the beginning...

Your Black Belt is a lot closer than you think! It's time to discover a few advanced ideas, learn some clever tricks, and put in the finishing touches to bring it all together! Our advanced program for 6-12-year olds is designed to bring all a student's skills into focus with fighting spirit.

Our Kempo 3 learning track guides students exploratively through 28 techniques over about a year and a half, brown belt up to a black belt test, and prepares students for progression into our graduate learning track (black belt and up).

By the end of Kempo 3, students will be mentally and physically prepared for their black belt test. Students will be masters of their basic techniques and movements and will be prepared for further study if they choose.