Ages 6-11 (Intermediate)

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Kempo 2 Program

It's all about growth. With the right conditions in place, real skills can be cultivated and developed.

With the skills you've acquired in Kempo 1, it's now time to take on bigger challenges and refine your skills! From Kata forms to animal techniques, our intermediate program for 6-12-year-olds is designed to bring your martial arts skills to life, and to show you things you never knew you could do!

Our Kempo 2 learning track guides students exploratively through 40 techniques over two years, blue belt through green stripe belt, and prepares students for progression into our Kempo 3 learning track (advanced level karate).

By the end of Kempo 2, students have the confidence to tackle serious martial arts study, and know that their skills can take them to where they want to be.