Ages 6-11 (Beginners)

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Kempo 1 Program

Whether your goal is a black belt, prepare for a later sport, or simply to try something new, success starts with a developing strong foundation.

That's what our beginner program for ages 6-12 is designed to do. With a very large helping of fun and challenge! 

Students will learn how to move and "be" in their body, develop coordination, and begin developing confidence in their abilities.

Our techniques are exciting to learn, and we teach students how to really use them, and use them well!

We guide students exploratively through 25 techniques, from white belt through purple belt, and prepares students for progression into our Kempo 2 learning track (intermediate level karate).

By the end of Kempo 1, students will have the ability to track with their eyes, have proficient gross and fine motor skill, will be stronger, faster, happier, more confident, and probably smile more too!