Most martial arts schools offer you one or two lessons for free. But that's not nearly enough time to know if it's a good fit for your child.

We offer you 10 DAYS for free. Come to as many classes as you like. Spend some real time here. Get to know us, our Senseis, our students, our community.

Then you'll know for sure whether we're the right place for you.



You get a truly unlimited free trial with us, for 10 whole days. Please come to as many classes and events as you like. We want you to spend lots of time with us, and really dig in and see what we're all about.


Our 10-day trial is 100% free. . . you have absolutely no obligation at any time, and therefore, no risk.


We know what most martial arts studios do, but we won't try to sell you on anything. It's your decision to make. The bottom line is: if it doesn't feel like a fit after 10 days, then it probably isn't. But . . .

More than 90% Of The Students Who Do Our 10-Day Free Trial End Up Joining Our Community


  1. Our vibrant community of teachers, parents and students is friendly, welcoming and supportive. You'll see for yourself when you spend some time with us that we're definitely more than just a martial arts school.
  2. We have a different approach. It's not easy to explain, but it's obvious when you see it and experience it. You just have to see it. . . which is another reason we give you 10 days with us, completely risk-free.
  3. Our results are real and valuable. Whether you stay with us for a year, or five years, you'll always take what you've learned with you everywhere you go. Your experience will become part of you, in a really meaningful way.
  4. We're the right people, who can help you get what you really want. And you won't have to wait until day 10 to start finding what you're looking for either. We'll help you start finding it on day 1.
  5. And lots more...

Here's How To Start Your 10-Day Free Trial

To start your 10-day free trial, just sign up online for the program you're interested in.

Once you're signed up, we'll reach out to you right away to get your first visit scheduled.

We'll take your payment information, but don't worry -- you won't be charged until YOU let us know you're ready to join.

No risk, no obligation, no regrets. Awesome, right?

Click one of the red buttons below to find the right program for you.

Here's what Our Clients Have to Say


Happy Parent

"Great teachers, great program, our kids love it! Perfect combination of discipline and hard work, in a nurturing environment."


Happy Parent and Student

"Instruction is comprehensive, thoughtful and tailored to the needs of the individual, focusing on mental as well as physical development. As I grow in skill and competence, I become increasingly aware of what a privilege it is to train at Greenwich Kempo."


Happy Parent

"The instructors take the time to teach each child individually and always show the utmost respect while teaching."