Fun Summer Camps for Kids 4 - 10

Summer is coming! Your kids are going to be out of school, and we bet you're looking for a fun activity that will keep them busy all summer long.

Our Greenwich Kempo Summer Camp is the perfect solution. We offer an amazing array of activities including arts & crafts, saber dueling, team-building challenges, karate lessons, and more. Your kids won't get bored this summer with our awesome variety!

With Greenwich Kempo Summer Camp your children have access to an incredible week full of fun activities they'll love. We've got it all covered with top-notch instructors who are there for your child's safety and happiness. Our flexible enrollment allows you to choose what days you want your children enrolled in so that you don't over-book or under-book their schedule this summer while still getting a great deal on one low price per day!

Be Active

Keep your kids active and engaged this summer. Get them off the couch and out of their bedrooms, all while having a blast with friends in our awesome camp community!

Be Creative

Our camp is a fun way to discover different ways of playing together. Build social skills with friends, learn new skills, make friends, and explore your creativity! 

Have Fun

Your kids will have a blast with all our activities, and you'll get to relax and enjoy your summer. Your kids will be so happy, entertained, and engaged this summer.

Our camps are great for kids of all ages and stages. Each day is designed to help them improve skills, gain confidence, and learn important life lessons they can use every day!

We all know how hard it is to get kids excited about going to summer camp.

Summer camps are often boring, and the activities offered aren't always exciting for your child. Greenwich Kempo offers a unique blend of martial arts training with fun games that will keep them coming back each day!

Our camps offer an excellent combination of physical activity, self-defense skills, and fun games that teach kids important life lessons while they play with their friends. With our programs in place, you can feel safe knowing that your children are having a blast at camp each day!

Come play with us this summer!

Come to our incredible summer camp and have a blast! You can visit for the day, stay for the week, or even bring a friend on a playdate. Click below to find out more about these awesome options.

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