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What do we believe? How are we different?
What will your child get out of this?



Our #1 goal is fun. ​Because kids love having fun! And you want your kids to have fun.

But there’s another reason.​ If your kids have fun here, they’ll want to come back, and if they come back and stay long enough, they’ll get all the other benefits too... like a sense of accomplishment, the ability to defend themselves, development of courage, character and confidence, and lots more.



We want your kids to achieve things that are challenging.

When they do, they’ll feel the pride of having earned something meaningful, all on their own. And they’ll gain confidence when they see they can achieve things that may have seemed difficult, or even impossible at first.



Imagine your child as a bright, successful, independent, powerful individual who ​stands up for what he or she believes​...

...and when necessary, ​can defend him or herself, mentally, emotionally and physically.

How do we accomplish all of this?


Our Senseis (instructors) are AMAZING with the kids​. ​Our parents have used words and phrases like “firm, but gentle,” “hilarious,” “inspiring,” “incredibly patient,” “they really care,” “they teach our kids respect, discipline and a sense of community”... but words alone don’t do it justice - you really need to come see it for yourself!


Our job is to understand your child as an individual​ ​and provide the right balance of nurture and challenge for him or her. We do a thorough evaluation of your child when they start classes, and we customize our program to their personality and current level of skill.


We are a warm, familial community​ - our motto is ​“I Am Because We Are.”​ Your child will feel like they “belong” here, and are part of something exciting and bigger than themselves.


And lots more​!
We encourage you to...

Come See For Yourself -Get 10 Days FREE!

Most martial arts schools offer you one or two lessons for free.

But that's not nearly enough time to know if it's a good fit for your child.

See What Our Students and Parents Have to Say...


Happy Parent & Student

"Friendly, responsive, understanding!
Great with kids of all abilities. You strive for discipline but with positive reinforcement and understanding. The kids are working but also having FUN! Great combo. I like that they really use their moves and do not just practice combinations in the air. It's very practical!"


Happy Parent

"The best place in Greenwich area where your child can learn to build character and self-confidence, while having fun through the martial arts. The staff is highly professional and caring, you'll love the experience."


Happy Parent

"The Senseis at Greenwich Kempo are not only skilled at their craft but they're also excellent educators. They understand the needs of children far beyond the concepts of Martial Arts."

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