The Cos Cob Dojo with Some Serious Mojo

Even our classes embody the principles of flexibility, strength, and connection.

Family Class
Ages 4+

Children engaging with children, families connecting with each other and teachers creating a community around the disciplines, practices and principles of martial arts: These are the benefits of our evergreen "Family Class".

While young learners can absorb new knowledge and techniques from their peers and teachers, adult learners are welcome to begin their own practice, infusing a sense of humility and accessibility in all. 

The Family Class is also a dynamic and fun way for our youngest learners to get comfortable and share their new experiences with parents. So go ahead and make some memories while clarifying your child's skills -- and maybe even your own.


Fundamentals Class
Ages 4 - 5

Our Fundamentals Class is designed to align with and gently encourage your child's natural developmental milestones. 

This "first step" class will help your child connect socially with peers, build awareness of his or her environment, and learn how his or her body and self fits into all of it.

Along with basic listening and focus, Fundamentals classes give children the opportunity to cultivate gross motor skills and work with others in preparation for partner-oriented martial arts at the next stage and the world outside the dojo, from life to the classroom.


Little Dragons Class
Ages 6 - 8

Fierce and playful, the Little Dragons program at Greenwich Kempo introduces students to the broader culture of the martial arts, and emphasizes development in the following areas: 

  • Effective gross motor skills
  • Fundamental martial arts skills and principles
  • Powerful beginner techniques 
  • Self-control
  • Respect for others 
  • Teamwork, cooperation, focus and listening 

Students will finish their first year with a solid understanding of the fundamental techniques and disciplines of an emerging martial arts practice. They will learn how to move gracefully through space and time, and how to relate to others and oneself in mutually positive ways.

Little Dragons.jpg

Pre-Teens Class
Ages 9 - 12

Our Pre-Teens program introduces students to the philosophy, etiquette, and history of martial arts study, and emphasizes development in the following areas:

  • Improved stability and refinement of gross and fine motor skills
  • Further study and demonstration of martial arts principles such as discipline, respect, honor, and equanimity
  • Embodying the focus and perseverance to attain and maintain these principles
  • Bringing together techniques and principles to enhance interpersonal situations
  • Respectful partner practice

The Pre-Teens program meets children in their most formative years, and helps them build a strong base of confidence, self-efficacy, and equanimity that serves them in all social interactions, especially difficult ones.


Adult Class

Warrior skills know no age and neither do our programs. We've specifically designed Greenwich Kempo's Adult program to demonstrate how martial arts is not just a functional form of training -- it can be a way of life. 

The program introduces students to the culture of the dojo and its role in the student's development, and emphasizes personal growth through the understanding of traditional martial arts concepts and practice. At this level, it's all about praxis -- a blend of theory and practice, allowing students to acquire both knowledge and skill through consistent individual practice and partner work. Students will also explore and hone their practice in sparring, freestyle, and traditional kata form.


Tai Chi
Ages 13+

There is the yang -- the external force and energy we put out into the world -- and there is the yin -- the meditative and reflective building up and transversing of this energy. Come learn how to balance the two sides of your life force, what is known as "chi" energy.

Practicing Tai Chi is the perfect complement to a discipline of martial arts, bringing the body into balance and greater, more subtle awareness of the spatial and vibrational forces all around us. It's also a great way to infuse functionality and flexibility, lengthening and strengthening your muscles with simple but powerful movements in a graceful yet powerful "flow".